No cars are allowed in Hydra, so the only transport is by donkey, bicycle or foot. There is one main town, known simply as ‘Hydra port’, that consists of a crescent-shaped harbor, around which is centered a strand of restaurants, shops, markets, and galleries. The town is built in the shape of an amphitheatre around the bay and steep stone streets lead up and outward from the harbor area. Most of the local residences, as well as the hotels on the island, are located on these streets.

Hydra remains one of the most atmospheric and romantic destinations in Greece. Traditional stone mansions, narrow cobblestoned streets and secluded squares make this area a delight to explore on foot.

The dominant geographic features of Hydra are its rocky, bare hillsides, pine forested valleys dotted with the occasional farmhouse. Hydra benefits from numerous bays and natural harbours, and has a strong maritime culture.


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