Kilada is a picturesque traditional fishing village that is both scenic and peaceful – the perfect setting for sampling some of the freshly caught fish in one of the village’s tavernas or restaurants.

Kilada is famous for an annual festival known as the ‘Fishermans Fiesta’ that takes place in early August. The local residents, who are mostly involved in fishing, organize a lavish drinking and eating festival with assorted fish and seafood accompanied by local wines. The whole evening is enjoyed with dancing and live music, where occasionally famous artists are invited to perform. There is a small charge made to cover some of the expenses, but just be prepared to stay up late if you plan to attend.

Opposite the village of Kilada, across the bay is the famous 35,000 year old pre-historic Franchthi Cave, now confirmed as the oldest continuously inhabited cave dwelling in the whole of Europe. The Archaeological School of Indiana University carried out extensive excavations and discovered the oldest complete human skeleton in Europe, dating back to 23,000 BC.

According to Homer, Kilada also participated in the Trojan War, 1194 – 1184 BC, under the command of the Argive King Diomedes.


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