Ermioni is a beautiful, quiet seaside village constructed around the port and surrounded by lush greenery.  Simplicity and authenticity make Ermioni a hidden gem. Local fish tavernas, restaurants, small clubs and bars offer a variety of night life options.

Ermioni (ancient Hermione) was originally founded by the mythical hero Ermionas and dedicated to the ‘messenger’ god, Hermes. It was originally divided into two areas, with a commercial sector and a fortified citadel. The town developed around the harbour and up the ancient Hill of Pronos, where today you will find the mid-18th Century church of Aghia Ermioni, built on the foundations of an ancient temple to the goddess Hera.  The citadel was built on the present peninsula, originally called the Poseidon.  This was a military, administrative and cultural centre, which would have included a small royal palace and a number of temples, including two temples to the sea-god Poseidon and the goddess Athena, as well as a stone and marble built theatre. Some foundations of buildings from the ancient city are still visible under the sea, on the southern coastline.

During the classic era it was well known for its shipbuilders and also for the production of porphyra, a very important red dye. This dye was used for the colouring of the uniforms of many armies including that of Alexander the Great.


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